Delivery time

Exact delivery time information is provided separately for each product. We usually ship products within 1 to 3 full business days after receipt of the purchase amount to the Agri Partner bank account if the product is in stock. If for some reason the ordered goods are not in stock, the Seller will send a letter to the Buyer informing him in detail about the expected delivery time.


The Seller sends the goods to the Buyer after receipt of payment.

The Buyer can choose between the following delivery options:
• Courier service to the address indicated by the Buyer- delivery charge will be added
• Parcel terminal specified by Buyer- delivery charge will be added
• Come to the office to pick up the goods- free of charge

Orders in the online store are processed on business days between 8 AM and 4 PM. Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays will be processed the next business day. If the Buyer has chosen the option of picking up the goods from Agri Partner office, the goods are issued during the office’s opening hours.

Agri Partner is not responsible for the delay in the delivery of the ordered goods if the goods have been handed over to the logistics partner on time, but the delay in delivery is due to circumstances which the Seller cannot influence or foresee.

Force majeure

Agri Partner does not compensate the Buyer for unused opportunities that have arisen as a result of changes in delivery times if the Buyer has received and agreed to the extension of the delivery time what means that the Buyer has not expressed a wish to cancel the order due to the extension of the delivery time.

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